5 Ways Winter is Like The Walking Dead


Yesterday a blogger asked on her Facebook page if this winter would ever end. If you live where it is currently winter, you know that the answer is no. The temperature where I live has finally gone up some today. YAY! That means that now it is cloudy and snowing. BOO!

I’ve come to the conclusion that this winter feels just like living in an episode of The Walking Dead. Here’s why:

1. We spend almost all of our time holed up in the house. If we leave, we do so quickly and only to rush to another protected building.

2. We try to avoid anyone on the outside who has been exposed to all of the plagues going around.

3. People out on the streets slowly stumble around while groaning.

4. We constantly question whether or not we should be here.

5. Panic starts to set in when the food wine gets low.

It’s true that in a few months we will be complaining about the heat. I am looking forward to that day.

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways Winter is Like The Walking Dead

  1. Lisa@TheDecorGirl

    Ah, you are so right. As everyone whines about the winter, 6 months from now we’ll be blathering on how it is the “hottest summer ever”. Weather is life, try living where there are not four seasons and you begin to appreciate them in short order.

  2. Jean

    Just think though…with all our winter weather, we’d definitely have an advantage because those walkers slow down in the winter. LOL! Fun post. By the way, our snow is supposed to melt later this week so there’s hope.

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