Going for the Gold

Olympic event_out of the house

Who’s excited for the Olympics? I am super stoked and can’t wait to make my whole family watch all manner of figure skating. Yahoo!

I recently saw the above photo on a friend’s Facebook page, and I couldn’t resist making a list of Olympics events where I would definitely win a medal.

1. Eye rolling

2. Sighing

3. Dust bunny fights

4. Sarcastic comments

5. White lies (Santa! Tooth fairy! “No, there are absolutely no sweet potatoes in this soup.”)

6. Carrying all of the grocery bags inside in one trip

7. Screwing up a recipe

8. Pretending to sleep while the kids cry in the night

9. Snuggling

10. Going from zero to frustrated in the shortest time possible

11. Sanitizing

12. Fuzzy robe wearing

13. Wine box tapping

14. Dropping a lot of money at Target without ever buying the item I went there to buy

15. Looking like the Exorcist in photos

16. Making bags of Halloween candy disappear

17. Self-doubt

18. Sporting an ill-fitting wardrobe

19. Bringing little people to tears by putting dinner on the table

20. Getting lost

Which Olympic events would win you gold?





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8 thoughts on “Going for the Gold

  1. Lila

    Haha, I will compete with you for several of those as well! I’d add “wasting nap times, namely by pointlessly checking FB.” Can #14 morph to include dropping way too much money on everything but what we need in a grocery store and coming home to what seems like nothing to eat?

    I’m with you on ice skating being my favorite…I’m just bummed out by all the negative aspects of the games being in Russia…seems like a bit of a mockery of all the hard work these athletes do to attain their skills. :/

  2. Candice

    I would like to add “Making mountains out of molehills,” “Keeping track of multiple schedules” and “Buckling a five year-old with full winter gear into a car seat” to my events!

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