How I’m Celebrating Valentine’s Day


My husband and I have never really “done” Valentine’s Day. I would much rather get a single flower on a random day than a bouquet on the 14th. Thanking me for caring for our family means more to me than any Hallmark card.

I buy cheap boxes of Valentine’s for my kids to give to their classmates and I dread the amount of candy that comes home. I remember really enjoying looking through the cards I received in elementary school and being thrilled at the one heart lollipop I would get in my bag. Now my kids come home with armfuls of candy, toys, stickers, and the dreaded bouncy ball.

This year I wanted to still find a way to celebrate this time of love but doing it in my own style. I’m turning it into a day of encouragement. My son’s kindergarten teacher sent home paper hearts earlier in the week so we could write words of encouragement to our children. They get posted on the door of their classroom for them to read over and over. It is easy to say “I Love You” when leaving the house or before going to bed, but giving specific words of encouragement require thought and can be more meaningful.

I’m also taking a note from Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation (LOVE Amy Poehler!) and telling my girlfriends how much they mean to me. Give words of encouragement to the women in your life. Instead of telling them they look good, tell them what a good mother they are, encourage their writing/painting/skiing, remind them that their career is a wonderful asset to their family. If you are able to do this over brunch, all the better!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?


6 thoughts on “How I’m Celebrating Valentine’s Day

  1. Cat @ TOTS

    I am just like you. My husband is very good at showing love and appreciation through the year, we don’t need just one day for our relationship. My kids take valentines, as it is expected. Am I a terrible person?

  2. Carie

    With steak!! My husband and I decided a couple of years ago that we wouldn’t bother with cards/flowers/chocolates etc but we’d put the money towards a really nice steak – he cooks it, I sort out the trimmings and then we might share a tub of ice cream after the girls have gone to bed – it’s perfect!

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