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Weekend Picture This is my first time writing a new segment called the Weekend Wrap-Up. It includes some of my favorite things I have discovered in the week. Mainly, it’s a place I can keep all of my scatterbrained ideas in one place! Here goes.

1. Fight sexism on Twitter and your phone with the Miss Representation #NotBuyingIt app. Use the hashtag #NotBuyingIt on Twitter to call out sexism in the media. The Miss Representation website also has a list of the worst offenders based on this campaign. You can also download the #NotBuyingIt app. If you are not familiar with the film Miss Representation you can read more about the project here and I highly recommend seeing the movie.

2. Chookooloonks is dedicated to showing the beauty in the everyday. My favorite part of the project is titled 1,000 faces. Karen Walrond set out to take 1,000 portraits with the simple goal of seeing if she could accomplish the task. The result is an incredible collection of men and women that proves we are all beautiful in our own way.

3. Foodie Blogs

Simply Called Food: Beautiful photos with unique recipes.

Smitten Kitchen: Deb Perelman creates recipes and cooks in a tiny kitchen in New York. Both the website and her book are full of comfort foods and wonderful family stories.

My Family Mealtime: Along with great recipes, My Family Mealtime provides weekly meal plans and grocery lists.

4. Humorous Blogs

Pintester: Follow Sonja as she tests, and fails at, Pinterest pins.

Martinis and Minivans: A hilarious journey through life and parenthood.

The Honest Toddler: A website and book written from a toddler’s perspective. Awesome.

I hope you will check out some of these recent faves. I have many more to share in the weeks to come. If you have a blog/website/Etsy site you want me to check out leave it here in the comments. Happy weekend!

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